Guests and vendors

Tim Shockey

In 1987, Tim Shockey purchased the Green Goblin head in Wilmington North Carolina. He brought it back to southern Ohio where it sat on display in his video store (Uncle Jim's Videoland). After he sold the video store, he stored the head at home where it stayed for many years.

In 2011, Tim started restoring it. He worked nights and weekends for 2 years restoring it and finally on March 16, 2013 it was completely painted. A week later it made it’s first public appearance in almost 30 years! Tim now travels across the USA and Canada to horror & comic cons sharing it with fans. It's now coming to Williamson, WV!

Tim will also have a few other movie props on hand and the Green Goblin Head will be available for photo ops for a fee.

Rare Drops

We will be running 2 Tournaments, 1v1 Super Smash Bros 4, 1v1 Mario Kart 8. We will also bring Injustice 2 Ultimate and Marvel vs CAPCOM 3 Ultimate, for Free Play. Sign Up details and rules for tournaments will be posted 2 weeks prior to the Convention. We will also bring a great assortment of popular Retro video games and consoles for sale. We also buy and trade retro games as well, so dig in those closets and you might leave with more in your pocket than just lint.

Michael Knost

Michael is renowned internationally for his gifts as an instructor and workshop presenter in the creative writing world. He is a Bram Stoker Award®-winning editor and author of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and supernatural thrillers. He has written in various genres and helmed several anthologies. His Writers Workshop of Horror won the 2009 Bram Stoker Award® in England for superior achievement in non-fiction. His critically acclaimed Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy is an Amazon #1 bestseller. His novel, Return of the Mothman was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award® for superior achievement in first novel. His Author’s Guide to Marketing with Teeth was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award® for superior achievement in non-fiction.

Michael has also taught writing classes and workshops at several colleges, conventions, and online, and is from Logan County, WV. To find out more about Michael and his work, visit

We are pleased to announce that Michael will be hosting a writers workshop during WillCon so don't miss it!

Play and Paint

Play and Paint is a welcome addition to Downtown Williamson.  Operated by Josh and Kim McClanahan, the business is both an art studio that hosts painting classes for all ages and a gaming store where gamers of all types can socialize and join in on Pathfinder, D & D, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and much more.  

Josh and Kim will be living up to their namesake at Willcon as Josh will be hosting our gaming room and card tournaments while Kim will be face painting and displaying her artwork.  

Autannaco Family Fun Center

We want to take a moment to welcome Autannaco Family Fun Center to WillCon!

This Fun Center will be setting up laser tag, a life size pool table (kick game) similar to the pics listed below and various games for kids and adults to enjoy! They are actually located in Man, WV but getting ready to open a new business in Mingo County!!

If you are interested in having them at your events look them up on Facebook! Their link can be found in the comment section. Now who's ready for some laser tag???

Adventure Games

We would like to take a moment to welcome Adventure Games to WillCon! They will be bringing two awesome Escape Room scenarios for you to solve.

"Mission: Ancient Artifacts" and a brand-new prequel, "Mission: Rune Mystery" . Both rooms were conceived and designed by Logan natives, Rachel Noe-Maynard and Daniel Sunderland. Tickets will be $10, but group pricing is available. Groups of 3 or more will get in for $8 each. "Mission: Ancient Artifacts" is the first in a series of original escape rooms following the story of Dr. Ben Indicroft, archaeologist and Ancient Astronauts enthusiast.

Dr. Ben Indicroft, who has been working in the local area, goes missing. An undisclosed colleague contacts his students (patrons) and leaves them with a letter written by the doctor in order to bring his students in on a top-secret dig. The students must then discover the final artifact and clue Dr. Ben left them in order to continue his work. You'll have 20 minutes to complete the task before an unknown party, set on destroying Dr. Ben's work, catches you!

The rune mystery scenario will place ticket-buyers as incoming grad students working to crack a rune code, set up by Dr. Ben, to test their abilities!

"Mission: Ancient Artifacts" is the first escape room of its kind in the country. No other escape room has such an in depth story line originally conceived and designed by local writers with prequels and sequels to follow!

Erica Newsome

Erica Newsome has been a keen fan of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series by George R.R. Martin since 2011, after watching the series premiere of "Game of Thrones". She is also an English teacher at Chapmanville Regional High School and loves discussing Literature for a living! She has been fortunate enough to meet and speak with George R.R. Martin at Balticon in 2016, where she also discussed theories and themes with "superfans" such as Brynden B. Fish as well as the hosts of the Radio Westeros and History of Westeros podcasts. She is a casual cosplayer and most recently attended the very first Con of Thrones in Nashville, TN. Erica is a Williamson native and is absolutely thrilled to be part of Williamson's very first ComicCon! 


Book and show fans alike are welcome to come and chat about all things "Game of Thrones"! This discussion panel will address various fan theories and other aspects of this magnificent story by George R.R.Martin. Audience participation and input will be greatly encouraged! Come and meet with fellow fans and discuss the events of the story and possible fates of characters such as Daenerys, Jon, Cersei, Jaime, Brienne, and more! 

Noble Armory

Noble Armory is a husband and wife cosplay team who grew up (and are based) in Southern West Virginia. Page Shelton met Steven Clay online in World of Warcraft in 2008 and the rest is history ❤️ They began their cosplay adventure together in 2009, with a scout and sniper cosplay from Team Fortress 2 for Tsubasacon. They then decided to focus more on heavier armored builds. In 2013, they worked on their first larger build- an ODST from Halo 3 for RTX in Austin, TX

This dynamic duo has won cosplay contests at GenCon in Indianapolis, IN, and TriCon in Huntington, WV. They have also met cosplay greats, Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han. They have attended DragonCon in Atlanta, GA, and countless local conventions (PowerUpRVGC, CharCon, Tsubasacon, Causeacon(Soon!), Lexington ComicCon, Lexplay). You can see many of their Work-in-Progress photos of their costumes and contact them on their Facebook page.

Noble Armory will have tables set up to display their amazing cosplay and props. They will also be holding brief discussions and answering questions about cosplay (times to be released later). They have also graciously agreed to assist us in the judging of our cosplay contests so needless to say we are thrilled to have them!

Steven Paul Watson

We would like to take a moment to welcome Steven Paul Watson to WillCon!

Born and raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, Steven is many things: a writer, artist, amateur photographer, and avid outdoorsman as well as an all-around geek. His love of writing includes soul-chilling science fiction, fantasy, and all things supernatural/horror. But his true passion is steampunk/alternate reality. Attending more than a handful of conventions a year, he stays close to his geeky roots. When out in nature, Steven enjoys running multiple 5ks a year and hiking the hills near his home. There is no better way stroke one’s imagination than being outdoors in the wilderness having real adventures that feed the ones he puts on page. His talents can be seen currently as one of the 14 writers in the sci fi fantasy anthology Human 76. And later this year in his first full length novel.

Chris Estep

A native of Mingo County, WV , Chris has always had a passion for writing and storytelling. His book "The Adventures of Zoey and Chase: The Boogerman" has sold thousands of copies on Amazon and is currently listed on Amazon's top ten selling children's books. Chris spends a lot of his time traveling to local schools, libraries and businesses to share his story and passion for writing. Chris also just finished another book titled, "The Dark King" that is scheduled to be released in October 2017.

CTG Fanatics

Owner Ralph Eagle Jr, his wife Cindy and their son Ralph III, opened CTG FANATICS in October of 2015 . They have an amazing collection of comic books ( old and new) , Toys, Video game systems (old and new), action figures, trading cards, POPS and more! They are also licensed to do MTG tournaments, Unrivaled Tournaments as well as Pokémon tournaments. They will have a booth set up at WillCon for you to be able to purchase some of their incredible items.

Their actual store is located in Galax VA but a link to their Facebook page can be found in the comment section below. They accept MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal...and if you're wondering, yes, they do ship 😊. So check them out!

Old World Comics & Killer Serials

Old World Comics was founded by head writer, and creator, Todd Goodman. Old World Comics hosts such diverse comics such as the comedic superhero title, The Powers that Be! with artist Cory Butler, the supernatural thriller Empty Skull with Marcelo Briseno, and the slice-of-life graphic novel, The Book on Me with Briana Higgins.

In January of 2016, Old World Comics opened a subsidiary Killer Serials, which features prose serialized stories such as the best-selling All Hallows Eve with illustrator Andrew Henry, The October Stories and POE: Between Reality, Imagination and Madness.

You can find a link to their Facebook page in the comment section listed below and you can also check out their websites at and

Sal Lizard

Born in Franklin, Kentucky and growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sal is both an avid fan (and actor) of Sci-Fi and Horror movies. He also served a three year term as president and chairman of the board for Star-fleet, the International Star Trek Association.

Sal is an actor, comedian and producer that has starred in several dozen films which mostly reprised of the Indies and horror genre. He recently just produced his very own. He has starred in movies such as The Box with Cameron Diaz, Feeding The Masses, Creature From The Hillbilly Lagoon, Abe's Tomb, I Am Legend, and HillBilly Bob: Zombie and Hooked. He produced the haunted house film, Next Door, with Lynn Lowry, and has been working on two scripts: "The Vampire Santa" and "The Vampire Who Saves Christmas".

Sal has also made guest appearances at the following events: Famous Monsters of Filmland (Indianapolis), Horrorhound (Indianapolis and Columbus, OH), Days of the Dead (Indianapolis), Pittsburgh Horror Film Fest (Pittsburgh), the Darkwoods Horror Con (Pikesville, KY), SCARE-A-CUSE (Syracuse, NY) ScareFest (Lexington, KY), Con-tamination (St Louis, MO), Dead of Winter Con (London, KY), Mysti-Con (Roanoke, VA), Sci-Fi in the Valley (Ebinsburg, PA) and the Fright Night Fest (Louisville, KY).

Sal is most notably known for his uncanny resemblance to Santa Claus and finds himself in that role 365 days a year. A role in which he prides himself on and takes very seriously. Sal wrote the book: "Being Santa Claus: What I learned about the True Meaning of Christmas" in which he reflects on his experiences with both children and adults. For example:

*Christmas magic is all around us: We don’t always see it, but it is there, shaping and enriching our lives.

*Sometimes you need to go that extra mile: Santa Claus is the one person who can’t even use a blizzard as an excuse not to honor his commitments, and Sal teaches adults the importance of always showing up for our children.

*Even a small child can make a big difference: 
Sal has met some impressive children over the years, and he’s learned that you don’t need to be a grown-up to make an impact on the world around you

"Being Santa Claus" is available for purchase on Amazon.

Funtime Productions

Fun Time Productions is an independent film production company located in Ashland, Kentucky.

Founded by writer/director/actor, Michael Taylor Pritt, who works alongside sister, Shandi Rae Pritt, a Cinematographer/Special effects artist. Associate producers are D. Mike Pritt & Tracey Roberts Pritt.

Fun Time Productions, partners up with various talented actors, actresses and crew members from all over the Tri-State to produce independent films of all sorts.

Their hard work and dedication to films can be seen progressing from one film to the next. They are known as a family. Several alumni actors from their first films always contribute or like to be apart of every film. However, with the start of every production, they gain more talented actors, actresses and crew members. They keep growing as their love for the indie film business grows as well.

They travel all over to all different sorts of conventions and meet so many others like themselves that share their passion.

Be sure to stop by their booth and check out their website at

Jeremy Ambler

Ok Walking Dead fans....this ones for you! We would like to take a moment to welcome Jeremy Ambler to WillCon!

Jeremy is an actor from West Virginia that has appeared in numerous Motion Pictures, TV Shows and Independent Films. One of his most famous role was a lead zombie in the hit AMC television show The Walking Dead.


Hainted FX

Hainted FX is a Mingo county based Practical effects studio catering to Film, TV and the professional haunt industry. Owned and operated by Dustin Blankenship since 2007, they are also known as Ambassadors of the Living Dead for the George Romero weekend held annually in Evans City, PA. They strive to offer the best in film grade prosthetics for makeup, and collectable prop replica's from your favorite TV shows & films. Take the opportunity to make your frightmares come true. Their work can be seen and is available at Wal-mart, Target, Best Buy and Netflix. They are also available for private party bookings, with incredibly reasonable rates.

Ashley Wolfe.jpg

Ashley Wolfe

Ashley is a 24 year old student who was born and raised in Pike County. She has had a passion forwatching anime and playing games since she was young. She's currently attending the University of Pikeville as an English student and hope to some day write my own fantasy novels.

Ashley will be leading an History of Anime discussion panel and her group will be hosting an introduction to Forum Role Playing.  Willcon is thrilled to have voices from the community share their interests and their expertise.

Comics and Kicks

Comics & Kicks is a collectible store focusing on a huge range of items like comics, collectible shoes, funko, vintage toys, sports memorabilia, collectible cards, art, and everything in between! They try to mix all aspects of pop culture and provide a welcoming environment to all different types of collectors.

Comics & Kicks was founded by Daniel Najar and Morgan Haddox; two life long West Virgina natives who wanted to set up and thrive in their home state. After a year of online sales and conventions, Comics & Kicks now has a physical location in downtown St. Marys, WV at 324 2nd Street. They will be bringing a massive variety of items to the show, so please let them know if you're searching for that one hard to find collectible and we'll do our best to bring it to you!

Person note from Daniel and Morgan: "We're very excited to support WillCon and this inaugural convention and we hope to be part of this event for years to come!"

Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den (DD) is a veteran owned business staffed entirely by national guard soldiers. They sell comics, graphic novels, trading card games, role playing games with accessories (dice, miniatures and manuals), miniature games (Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, & Star Wars X-Wing), and various other board games.

Some of the products they plan on bringing to WillCon are:

1) Magic the Gathering
2) Yu-Gi-Oh
3) Cardfight Vanguard
4) Force of Will
5) Deck boxes & sleeves
6) RPG dice & bags
7) RPG books
8) Warhammer kits
9) Malifaux kits
10) Star Wars X-Wing kits and expansions
And more!

Please be sure to stop by their booth and check them out! Also if you are in the Beckley area, stop in and see them they can be found at: 
Dragon's Den Comics & Games
350 N Vance Dr.
Beckley, WV 25801

Joel Newby

Joel has been collecting comic books since the early 70s. Amazingly, this will be his first show since 1985. Most of his collection is from the early 80s or before. Joel also has a lot of first issues and first appearances. He has stated that he is interested in selling and trading. Joel will also have a few toys available like Star Wars, Marvel and others.

We're excited to have Joel and his personal collection of comic books! 

Stubbgirl Crafts

We want to take a moment and welcome Princess Alicia Pierce (Aka StubbGirl Crafts )to Willcon!

She is a 27 year old mom, with a love of anything "nerdy" 😃🤓. She has lived in the Parkersburg area most of her life and this will be her first ever trip to Williamson! She has always loved to draw, play games and over the years, learned to crochet. With a passion for all three things, she thought why not combine the artist with the gamer and make some really awesome items! Som...e of her favorite games and inspiration for her creations are: any game from the fallout and elderscolls series, wow, starcraft, pokemon, legend of Zelda series, and anything Nintendo in general. She also loves a good game of d&d and magic.

Over the last couple of years, she had participated in only craft shows and last year attended her first ever convention. Although somewhat new to Cons her items are amazing and for people of all ages to enjoy.


PlanetPlush specializes in cute and unique plush toys. Heather Hays of West Hamlin, WV began this home based business after she discovered her talent for making plushies. She has worked professionally on the development of soft toys for the popular brand ‘My Little Pony’. PlanetPlush is now home to its own designer plush brands, ‘Lucky Cat & friends’ and ‘Dreggons’.

Lea Anne Caines.jpg

Lea Ann Caines

Lea Ann is a local crafter who graduated from Belfry High School and Morehead State University with a Bachelors degree in studio art. Lea Ann shares a love for all things nerdy and loves to craft. She makes toys and items that she always wanted as a child in hopes others will enjoy as well. Lea Ann will be selling some of her awesome hand made creations as well as used and vintage action figures and collectibles. She also has an Etsy store called Tiny Cat Craft so be sure to look her up!


Mortal Paradox

Mortal Paradox is a small time shop featuring unique hand made items. Their stock ranges from themed jewelry to journal covers, cell phone holders and more! Some of their themes include tabletop gaming, medieval fantasy, and the works of HP Lovecraft.

Lawson Steamcraft

Lawson SteamCraft is a veteran owned specialty shop that specializes in leather steampunk art and apparel. They also customize jewelry and home decor as well. They embrace Victorian eccentricity with fantastical history. Owner Barry Lawson
attended his first comic con in Texas where he resided at the time and loved it! He has always been interested in steampunk and knew that he wanted to return home to the mountains of eastern Kentucky to open his own shop.



Causeacon is Beckley's first ever Pop Culture convention which includes all fandoms from anime to Star Wars, gaming and so much more! All proceeds of the convention will benefit the Women's Resource Center right here in Beckley WV. 

We will be offering a variety of activities at our new location, The Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center including: cosplay contests, video game and table top tournaments, vendor room, panels and classes, anime screening room, game shows, raves and a formal ball! You can benefit this community just by attending and having a great time!



Tsubasacon is West Virginia's first and only anime, gaming and cosplay convention and Japanese culture festival, held annually Big Sandy Arena and Conference Center in Huntington, West Virginia.

Odd Todd's Tournament of Champions

Did you know the basic fighting forms used in lightsaber combat have real-world roots in martial arts? Influences from escrima, wushu, fencing, kenjutsu, and many more can be found woven into the 7 foundational forms of lightsaber combat. On August 26th, duelists from "Odd Todd's Tournament of Champions - Lightsaber Combat" will be on hand during Willcon 2017 to introduce their craft, perform exhibition duels, and answer questions from inquiring minds. Come by and check us out!

No Limit.png

No Limit Entertainment

No Limit Entertainment will be providing us with some awesome tunes from your favorite movie soundtracks, tv shows and more. They are scheduled to hit the stage from 2-6pm.

Check them out on Facebook at

Black Coal Brass Quintet

The Black Coal Brass Quintet is a local group of brass musicians from West Virginia and Kentucky.  Formed in 2016, Black Coal Brass is gaining a local following around the Williamson, WV & Belfry, KY area.  Black Coal Brass plays pop, jazz, ragtime, and classical favorites.  Black Coal Brass is made up of: Rick Brookens, tuba; Bob Easton, French horn, Sam Fields, trombone, Thom Jude, trumpet; and Cody Smallwood, trumpet.

Facebook: Black Coal Brass Quintet

Foster Adventure

Foster Adventure supporting teens in care by funding social, athletic and educational opportunities and items. Foster Adventure will be selling shaved ice, lemonade, cosplay merchandise and totes.

The Goblin Traders

The Goblin Traders are visiting us from Ironton, OH.  They will be carrying games and gaming accessories, toys and other miscellaneous items of the nerdy variety.   

Bumblebee Gen.1

Joining us at Willcon will be a replica of a Classic 80's cartoon Character. Roll out to Willcon and check out this custom built Gen.1 Bumblebee, the Autobot Scout whose alternate mode is 1968 VW Beetle.

GenX Collections.jpg

Gen X Collections

Gen-X Collections has been buying and selling toys from the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond for over 25 years. Pick up your favorite collectibles from Star Wars, Star Trek, Ninja Turtles, MEGO, Super Powers, G.I. Joe, the Walking Dead, Marx Johnny West, Power Rangers, Bionic Man/Woman, He-Man, Pokémon, vintage video games, and more at our booth!





Monica Brooks


Crimson Corner.jpg

Crimson Corner Collectibles

Jordan Hylton is from Forest Hills, KY and has always had a passion for drawing and painting. This will be his very first time setting up and trying to sell some of his talented artwork. He is also a huge Funko Pop collector and will have a lot for sale as well as some other odds and ends. Jordan's booth will be located on the adjoining football field so be sure to stop by and check out his amazing items!


Joey Curry                  

Comics, games, cards, toys


melissa's basket and galore  

pop culture t-shirts and more


travis tomblin  

original art, prints, comics, self publisher    


Tug valley recovery shelter

Photo opportunities with some of your favorite characters     


artist's alley

JR Earls.jpg

JR Earls

Born in Amsterdam, New York, and raised in Charleston, West Virginia, John Russell Earls, Jr., started drawing at the tender age of two. The love for his heroes Batman and G.I. Joe inspired him to draw, and he hasn't put the pen down since. His talent developed throughout childhood and well into his teen years. As an adult, that talent has been recognized far and wide. His caricatures and original art have drawn attention from international wrestling magazines, where he has been published twice. A growing number of actors and actresses have shared their character-inspired pieces on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and he has sent original pieces across the globe.

Going by the artist name Alfiegraphics, J.R. has attended many popular area conventions such as Shockacon, Charcon, Mountain State Pop Expo and Tri-State Comic Con (Tricon). He can also be seen doing caricatures and selling original art during opening weekend of many popular movie releases at Frank Theatres in Teays Valley. He currently resides in the Charleston area with his amazing sons, Jack and Dalton, and can be reached via Facebook and Twitter for commissions.

Jason Pell

Jason Pell is a West Virginia based indie comic book writer/creator. Known for his inventive writing and art, he also has racked up credits as a letterer, colorist and more. His books, Zombie Highway, Season's End, and Suicide 5 have all been critically lauded and has found readers world-wide.

Alyssa Dyer

Alyssa is a 19 year old artist from Warfield, KY. She graduated from Sheldon Clark High School in 2016 and is currently a sophomore Digital Media & Design major at the University of Kentucky. She would like to pursue a career in graphic design and illustration after college. Alyssa works in both traditional and digital media and specializes in portraits and digital illustration. She will be selling prints of her artwork as well as one-of-a-kind original pieces and commissions at her booth at WillCon. If you would like to have a sneak peek at what kind of art Alyssa creates, you can view her digital portfolio at

Jessica Sturgell

We want to take a moment to welcome Jessica Sturgell to WillCon!

Jessica will be featured in artist alley. She is a student at Marshall University and is originally from Mingo County. Art is her passion and has been since she was very young. "I was always drawing as a kid, but I think I really started to be serious about the arts in high school while I was thinking about my college education. I started doing graphic design my Junior year of high school loved it and chose... to major in graphic design in college"

Since entering college, her interests have expand to also include painting and printmaking. At WillCon, she will be displaying some of her digital and traditional art as well as new digital pieces to sell based on comic books and recent game releases.

So please make sure to stop by Jessica's booth and support a local artist! We look forward to seeing all of her work! Welcome home Jessica


sinfection (danni newsome)


mingo central high school art program


belfry high school art program


tug valley high school art program